The Power Of Zero Film Review – Avoid The Runaway Train

If you need to read just one sentence of this review, it’s this: Go home, get a copy of The Power of Zero and prepare for your financial outlook on life to completely change. This amazing film from Doug Orchard is one of the resources that the team at Factum Financial constantly recommends to our clients because The Power of Zero is an accurate look at what is coming down the line with the current taxation laws and what will inevitably need to be adjusted to keep the U.S. afloat.

If you have any money in a qualified retirement account, and especially if you are nearing retirement, you have to see The Power of Zero now. Check out the trailer for the film here:

Here is why you need to watch The Power of Zero right away:

  • There is absolutely no way that the current taxation rates can last matched against the massive debt of the United States. Soon, it will be inevitable to raise those rates. If you’re retired or just about to retire, your income cannot take that kind of hit.
  • Economists agree that this level of debt is nearly insurmountable and it will only grow, turning into a juggernaut runaway train and the American people will be left on the tracks.
  • There are ways to save your wealth from this tax steamroller, but they require immediate action and the willingness to break free from the current financial system.

Take some time to watch The Power of Zero and then give your local wealth strategists at Factum Financial a call. We will give you the tools you need to protect your wealth and your retirement, while your cash flow continues to grow. Call now at (480)-525-8180.