What In The World Is An “And Asset”?

Chances are if you have been to one of Factum Financial’s seminars or wealth strategy sessions, you have heard the term “And Asset” (and if you haven’t been yet, what are you waiting for? However, there always seems to be a little bit of confusion around that term, even though it’s a fairly simple concept. An “And Asset” is something that you add to your financial plan that you can rely on while making deals on other things. Often times, we tend to think of things with an “or” mindset, as in “I could put some money in the stock market or I could get the real estate deal,” and this has everything to do with our annual spending pattern mentality. That’s why when you encounter something that can be considered an “And Asset” that gives you the ability to grow your wealth and bankroll the other items in your financial plans, you shouldn’t ignore it. For that reason, you need to understand what an “And Asset” is so you can see why the Infinite Banking Concept is so powerful.

“And Asset” Explained

An “And Asset” is something that R. Nelson Nash talks about in his groundbreaking book, Becoming Your Own Banker. Basically an “And Asset” is something that you incorporate into your financial plan to supplement your risk. Rather than putting all your savings in one pot or the other, you have a source of growth and protection for your wealth that frees you up to take risks if you want to. In some regard, an “And Asset” could be considered a backup plan or a guaranteed source of liquidity and income that you can rely on. However, the Infinite Banking Concept is not a standard “And Asset” because it offers you so much more control and growth than any other process, making it so much more than a backup plan. Watch this short video to learn a little bit more about “And Assets” and Infinite Banking:

Balanced “Or Assets”

It’s not a bad idea to put money into an “Or Asset” as long as you have a way to make sure that you are insulated from loss and can grow your wealth. “Or Assets” are often risks and there is always some chance that you will not make any return on that money or could lose it all. When you have the safety and growth provided by an “And Asset,” that risk isn’t so hard to swallow. At Factum Financial we want to help people get away from the current financial system and the freedom that comes from controlling your own banking system. Traditional financial plans might have you dropping your money into “Or Assets” in the hopes that you might get a return, but that’s not a safe way to grow your wealth. You need a wealth solution.

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