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The Factum Financial team is a collection of wealth strategists, business owners, and staunch proponents of life insurance, financial literacy, and real estate investment. Using "Infinite Banking" (life insurance-friendly wealth strategies) to create maximum potential and velocity with money. We chose the name Factum because it means a statement of fact or a truth. Because we are dealing with a product that is guaranteed to grow every year, we can help our community systematically grow their wealth outside of Wall Street and commercial banks.

We believe that the current financial system is broken and we want to empower families to take back control of their finances with a time-honored financial process. We believe that the banking function is in the wrong hands and it needs to be restored back to the you and me level. We accomplish this process by using a properly designed dividend paying whole life insurance policy that we get from a private mutually owned life insurance carrier. George Orwell said “In a time of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” Unfortunately, most people have been programmed to use commercial banks and Wall Street as their source of financing and long-term planning. They give up control of their money and take all the risks while someone else lives very well off that cash flow.

What Is The Infinite Banking Concept?

Why We Recommend The Infinite Banking Concept



The two biggest problems we see in America are 1. Americans don’t save enough money and 2. where they keep their savings in some of the least efficient places. If you have proper savings, it's highly unlikely that you will go under.  Saving more money allows you guaranteed protection and the ability to jump on opportunities to explode your wealth.  If you save within a Whole Life policy, it will explode the rate of your savings.


Because you own the policy, you control all the borrowing power. Millions of dollars will flow through your hands throughout your life. How much of that money are you keeping? Who controls the loan process? You only lose money when you give up control.



Be certain your wealth is growing in the only truly guaranteed asset. Whole Life is the safest place to warehouse your wealth.

Cash Flow

Creating cash flow is the number one rule to win the money game. When your monthly cash flow exceeds your expenses you are FREE. Banks understand this concept and that is why they only deal in cash flow. By Becoming your own Banker you will see your wealth grow exponentially when focusing on cash flow. This will allow you to win the money game in a fraction of the time.

What Is The Infinite Banking Concept?



It's your wealth.  You should be in command by which you grow and save money for the future.



Be positive your wealth is growing guaranteed in a financial environment with over 100+ consecutive years of profitability.


Cash Flow

By becoming your own banker, you will see your assets grow exponentially without having to work any harder or take any additional risk.


Creditor Protected

With a dividend-paying whole life policy, your wealth will be residing in an asset that is private and protected from creditors and predators.


"Factum Financial provided exceptional personalized financial advice, guiding me towards my goals with expertise and patience. I highly recommend their services for anyone seeking confidence in their financial future."

"Factum Financial's comprehensive plan and professional guidance have been a game-changer for my family, empowering us to make informed decisions and achieve financial stability and growth."

"Factum Financial's caring and attentive team listened to my concerns, offering practical solutions that aligned with my values and provided a renewed sense of financial security."

"Factum Financial exceeded my expectations with their exceptional service, personalized plans, and proactive approach. I highly recommend them as a trustworthy and results-driven financial partner."

"Factum Financial's experts guided me through the complexities of finance, educating me on various options and providing a clear roadmap to financial success. I wholeheartedly endorse their services."

"Amazing service and communication. Kyle and the entire team at Factum Financial are just great at what they do. Take it from me, you can trust them with your insurance goals and needs."

Stephen M

"Tarisa is the epitome of excellence and professionalism! She has a customer centric approach that allowed me to thoroughly understand the infinite banking concept. She truly is a wealth of knowledge and I learn something impactful during each of our meetings. As someone that worked in banking for over a decade, I can say…I wish that I knew about this sooner!! I’m looking forward to continuing the journey of wealth building and creating a vehicle for my family that can fund small & large purchases for generations to come. Thank you Tarisa & Factum Financial!"

Shyla B

"Tarissa S at Factum Financial is highly knowledgeable and resourceful. She is transparent and gives life-changing advice. I highly recommend her services to anyone interested in advancing their financial knowledge and building wealth for generations."

Hassan A

"Kyle and his whole team at Factum have been nothing short of spectacular! I began working with Kyle just under a year ago and his knowledge and education has never failed to impress me. Factum cares about their clients and will do anything to help you reach financial freedom and peace of mind! Couldn't recommend them more."

Tanner R

"My advisor Tarisa is very service oriented, knowledgeable and a good teacher, helping me to learn so many things I didn't know or understand before about how the banking systems typically work. I'm happy to be connected with her and Factum Financial."

Bruce C

"Tarisa was excellent. She was very patient and she had a lot of information so I could do my own research. She will change your life. I highly recommend her!!"

Tony R

"It's hard to express the appreciation that I have for Tarisa and the entire Factum Financial family.
It is rare that you find a company so dedicated to the success of their clients.
They are always willing to go above and beyond to keep you informed and on track with your financial
If only I had met them sooner.
Thank you Factum Financial!"

Yash S

"The Factum Financial team has been such a blessing to me and my family. I had originally reached out only seeking to get a policy started, without knowing much about life insurance and got so much more 🙂

I knew Factum Financial was the right team, when Monty said, "Ellie- lets get you started with some knowledge first." This approach of making sure potential clients are educated first is not only selfless but honorable.

They have gone out of their way to plant seeds of knowledge and change lives. Thank you so much and I look forward to continuing this journey with your team on my side."

Ellie P

"Factum Financial is super dedicated to sound financial education and helping you win the money game! It’s awesome to see how much they care personally for you and your family! I love this team!"

Bret Y

"Factum Financial is a great source for knowledge. Their videos and book recommendations and emails are all designed to help me make the best and most informed financial decisions I can. Their customer service is ridiculously good. Professional and prompt and accurate and still so patient and personal that they feel like family."

Phil R

"I have known Tarisa for about 10 years and she is one of the smartest women I know. She’s always been financially savvy so when we spoke about potentially opening a policy I was all ears. I have to admit I was hesitant at first about this venture as a full time single mom thinking I wasn’t able to financially handle such a thing. Tarisa took the time to break down the benefits of opening a policy, she explained how it wasn’t just a depressing life insurance policy but a foundation of HOPE for the future. She taught me how this would create the foundation of a legacy for my daughter and I and the generations of our family yet to come. I grew up in a middle class household like most have and I wanted better for myself and Tarisa opened my eyes to a whole world of opportunity and I am excited to be able to do the things I want for MY life with the banking system while also knowing that when my time comes, my daughter will be set up with more assets than I could have ever imagined having while growing up. I am forever grateful for the knowledge Tarisa shared with me and the time she took to reassure me and patiently explain and debunk the “normal” way of handling finances."

Bianca B

"Monty has been fantastic. He is responsive and prompt. He helped my family create strategies to navigate student loans, paying off car loans, and planning to purchase a new home. We are grateful for his honesty and expertise. Looking forward to learning more about IBC."

Brianna Ry

"They know and love these principles. Even though they have a deep understanding of technical concepts they patiently educate and motivate me, at my beginner level, to exploit these concepts. They've changed and improved our retirement plans."

Phil R

"Factum Financial is run by the best group of people who really have a teacher's mindset. They are there to really help us all succeed in the money game! I couldn't ask for anything more!"

Shaun H

"Factum is always about treating their customers the best they can!! The customer experience is insane!! The value they provide is worth everything and more. Go check them out they can change your lives."

Jake and Joe S

"Tarisa and the entire Factum team are fantastic. I highly recommend this group for anyone interested in building their long term wealth."

Daniel B

"Life changing guidance and mentorship. Couldn't recommend working with Kyle and his team any stronger than saying, DO IT."

Chase B

"Before I was a practitioner of this concept, I was an eager client. Factum Financial teaches sound fundamental wealth principles for anyone open minded and interested in leveling up their financial strategy on an individual and family basis."


"A great company to work with. Wonderful people that love helping other people. The educational tools, personal care, and consistent help have directed my family to generational blessings."

Jim K

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With its origin and main office located in Mesa, AZ, Factum Financial has a network of agents spread across the country who are readily available to assist you with your life insurance requirements and provide answers to any inquiries you may have concerning the Infinite Banking Concept.

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